Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Hope the Hoopers had a great Labor Day weekend! I had a headache for a good bit of it :( but also had some fun. On Saturday, Ami, Marisa, Micah and I joined Valerie and Gabe in Ellicott City and went to the pool. I think it was Micah's first pool experience.

Marisa and Micah. The patriotic swim trucks are a Gaeta contribution.

Cuteness.In the very cold water.
Ami and Gabe

We went back to Valerie's and Marisa shopped in her boxes full of baby clothes.Micah is very attracted to zippers. Notice he's wearing the giraffe onesie.
Gabe observes.

Sunday afternoon Ami and Zeek hosted us for a cookout. This is the only picture I took: Micah playing with a carrot. It was a little crazy down there on the floor with three little kids. In addition to Gabe and Micah, 19-month-old Noah was in attendance.
On the actual rainy Labor Day, I worked on a quilt I've been commissioned by a co-worker. It's going to be all pinwheels in the middle. Here are all the rows. I've got a few of them sewn together so far.
Valerie brought this back for us from Alabama. It's made not far from her parents' home in Huntsville, but they get it at Costco. If you see it, buy it. It's super yummy!

Back to work!

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