Friday, January 6, 2012

Post-Christmas Gift Recap, Part 1

So, it's been quite a month!  I spent a good bit of December finishing up all the handmade gifts I had planned, spent a few days in NY for work (and walked my feet off), and then a week in Atlanta visiting family and friends.  Then New Year's and more sewing.  But I don't have many pictures to show for it.  I could go into detail about any of these things, but let's see the pictures of the gifts!
 Melissa's hat.  She wanted a hat similar to the red one I had knit myself, so I hope she likes it.  I have more pictures but I have to get them from my phone.  In the background you can see Daddy wearing the hat I knit him.  It was finished just before I drove home so I don't think I have any pictures of it. I actually wore it damp around my house while packing trying to get it to dry after blocking.  It's a simple ribbed cap, meant to just come down to cover the tips of your ears.  I would have made it a bit longer, but I was running out of yarn.  Also pictures to come of the one other knitted gift I made - Rebecca's pink scarf, as requested.  I have one other last minute gift I don't think I photographed - a Christmas skirt for Rebecca. 
 MG's dress, A la Belle Etoile pattern.  The pattern is Australian, so I hope I made the right size (I had to translate the cm to inches and I think I got her measurements right).  I thought the yellow and the birdies were so MG.
 Nate's pants, 2T (largest size in this pattern, sadly) Quick Change Trousers pattern from Handmade Beginnings.  I have made these pants so many times and I love them.  They seem comfy and they're reversible, so the seams are all enclosed and lots of fun fabric combos are possible.  I used a mixture of Christmas prints on the two pairs I made.  I may try to size this pattern up - I think it would be mostly about lengthening since you and Melissa have such skinny boys.
 Back of Nate's pants
 Sam's pants, 4T pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  I loved this pattern and am looking forward to making a few more.  They fit Sam perfectly, though I cut the waist elastic much smaller than recommended.  I love the finishing details and the way they can be easily let out (particularly those cuffs) for growth.  The fabric is a cross weave, and looks really neat, but will be interesting to see how well it wears.

 Jack's pants, 18mo. size, also Quick Change Trousers
 Back of Jack's pants
 Connor's pants, 3T, pattern from Sewing for Boys.  The fabric is from an Ikea crib duvet, and I had intended it for a more pajama-ish pants, since the pattern is so crazy.  But this pants pattern seems more of a going outside in public sort of pattern since it has pockets.  Maybe you'll let him go outside in his crazy circus little drummer boy pants.  I thought they turned out cute, can't wait to hear how they turn out on the actual boy.

Shannon's dress, Piccadilly Circus pattern, hopefully not too big (this is a 7/8).  The fabric is by Sandi Henderson.

More to come!  And really, I have plenty to tell you!

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