Tuesday, September 13, 2011

London: Saturday

I have been putting off writing about our last full day in London. Who knows why, maybe it's hard to believe that something that was in the planning stages for so long is over. This was the "what have we not done that we still want to do" day. I wanted to go to a museum that we hadn't been to, either the V&A or the National Gallery, and since Mom wanted us to all stay together, we decided to walk up to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, and then go to the Horseguards Museum. It was an absolutely beautiful day. I could have sat outside and read all day, but since it was beautiful and Saturday it was also really crowded.
Westminster Abbey, on the walk up Whitehall.

Victoria Tower

Outside Horseguards

Nelson's ColumnLion at the base of the column. They say the artist based the lions on dogs, which is why they have their mouths open with their tongues sort of hanging out. They were covered in kids.

National Gallery. We spent around two hours or so here. By this time in the trip, my body and my brain had definite limits on how long they could stand and walk and how much I could take in. We had also learned to choose a meeting time and place beforehand. Daniel and I split off from Mom & Dad, and I admit it didn't take too much before I was art saturated. I did buy a couple of pretty tea towels for my collection. Accidental picture of the dome from inside. Whoops, no photography!

The view of Trafalgar Square from the National Gallery. Much construction fencing had been removed since Patrick and I were there on Tuesday. You can see the Olympic countdown clock in the lower right. The square was crazy crowded, swarming with people around the column climbing on the lions and around the fountains.

Admiralty Building, I think, right next to Horseguards.
This helmet is very heavy.
Daniel in the ceremonial uniform.

Daniel in camouflage. We tried on all the costumes while Daddy finished at the museum.

Big Ben, pretty in the blue sky.
Mom on Westminster Bridge. She posed for this picture. I wanted a normal one, but this is what I got. We walked across Westminster Bridge, down the South Bank and got yummy drinks, and then across Lambeth Bridge and back to our hotel.
Photo taken by Daddy, hence Big Ben is coming out of my head.

On the South Bank. I think Daniel was trying to stay in the shadows.

Mom on the South Bank, Westminster Bridge in the background. Her walking days almost over. Newsflash: we did not have dinner at Pret a Manger. We had the early bird dinner at the hotel. I think it was a giant ravioli.
After dinner, Daddy and I set out again because I wanted to take some pictures of Parliament all lit up at night.
Parliament at sunset.

Lights coming on.

Parliament - if only you could hear the pop music blaring from some party.

Big Ben, all lit up.

Victoria Tower, the last picture I took in London.

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