Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recent Sewing, part 1 of lots

Here's what I've been up to, sewing wise, this year. These are cell phone pictures, hence not always great.  There's way more than this!
Picnic top for Shannon, Alexander Henry voile-ish fabric
Basic Pocket Pants for Connor, Kona cotton and Erin McMorris bicycle print
Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress for Shannon, random JoAnn fabric
Basic Pocket Pants for the boys
Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket for Mary Grace, Sandi Henderson fabric
Oliver + S Birthday Party dress for Rebecca
Basic Pocket Pants, I think Jack's?
Go Anywhere Bag, Mom's birthday, mostly French General fabrics
Go Anywhere bag, Catherine's birthday, Denyse Schmidt JoAnn fabric
Shannon's dress, Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush fabric
Melissa's birthday bag, Heather Ross horse fabric
Basic Pocket Pants, I think Sam's
Oliver + S Family Reunion dress, could be Shannon's or Rebecca's, they have identical dresses, Alexander Henry watercolor fabric
Oliver + S Music Box Jumper for Shannon, Sarah Jane Children at Play fabric
Oliver + S Family Reunion dress, the other one
Wiksten Tank Top, Catherine's birthday, Lisette fabric
Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress for MG, Sandi Henderson fabric
Anna Maria Horner Quick Change Trousers, for Ami's baby shower, Ikea fabric
Wiksten Tova Top, size M for Catherine, JoAnn fabric
Rebecca's birthday dress, Children at Play polka dot and pink voile (double layered so it wasn't translucent)
Janey Jumper dress/tunic for MG.  I made a 3T based on her measurements but it's more tunic/top length than a dress

A Summer Weekend

This weekend I was moderately busy. Friday evening I had dinner at Marisa and Jonathan's house along with Ami, Zeek, Peter, and Jamie. Saturday morning I ran errands and then Ami, Peter and I drove up to Ellicott City and had dinner with Valerie, Chris, and Gabe, and Ami shopped in the warehouse of baby boy stuff. Sunday I sewed, made a baby blanket backed with minky that I want to cuddle under and one block for my Swoon quilt. It's a huge block, really consisting of about six regular sized blocks. I also watched a really odd combo of tv and movies. Our Idiot Brother and Save the Last Dance 2 from Netflix, The Man from Snowy River, and then several episodes of Firefly. I love Firefly but I'd forgotten how awful the theme song was. Here are my photos, no doubt all out of order. Sadly, no photos of cutie Micah from Friday.
Peter and Gabe
Swoon quilt block (24.5 square), made with Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden fabric
Peter tries to eat Mama's face
Gabe plays in his pool

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ice cream!

On my last full day in Monterey, we went to the library and then to get ice cream.  This is the outside of the library.  Inside I was too busy finding books and herding children to take any pictures.

 Connor ponders his ice cream
 Jack is very possessive.  Not so keen to "share" with Mom.
 MG is happy about her ice cream.
And so is Shannon!

Through Children's Eyes

I meant to post about this long ago, but clearly have been too busy to post for a good while.  While I was in Monterey Shannon and MG took some pictures, and I thought they deserved their own post.  Even though there were other kids on the playground and a raucous softball practice going on, these playground pictures manage to look empty and eerie.
 Where did all the kids go?
 Jack is uncertain
 Juju by MG
 Blue sky!
 Eerie empty swings
 Field and a shadow

 Shannon by MG (you can see Catherine, Jack, and me in the background)

 No caption needed