Friday, July 29, 2011

House Tour

Okay, so here's the new house, since I've had many requests for pictures. Its not nearly all set up yet, but at least there are beds now - woot!

Here is the view when you walk in the front door:

If you walk through the doorway to your right, you come into the living room:

If it happens that an appraiser is coming in 15 minutes to walk through the house, you will be bribing your children to sit still with X-Men.

Go down this hallway....

On your right is the laundry closet:

And onward to our bedroom:

This room had the only unobstructed wall that I could put our bookshelves on. I kind of like them being back here though - books are a bit private, aren't they?

 Those sliding doors walk out onto the patio.

The other door goes into our bathroom:

It also has a tub, where I usually give the kids their baths.

Walk out of our bedroom and there is another doorway back into the kitchen:

You can also turn right and head out to the back yard:

I would love to put a little outdoor loveseat/chair group out here under the cover.

Back inside, if you go across the kitchen into the nursery wing, you'll find the girls' room:

...the boys' room:

 and a vintage original 1950's pink tile bathroom:

There you have it! Home sweet home on the west coast. I just wish you were here to drive the 1.5 hours to the closest Ikea with me.


  1. Very nice! I like all the white in the kitchen. I always liked dark wood, and I think I still do, but white feels more spacious somehow. Is Jack sleeping in the pack 'n' play?

  2. The dark wood floors don't look dirty nearly as fast as the lighter wood at our old house, so I really love that. Jack is still in the pack n' play because I can't remember how to put together his crib! I'll get around to it - hopefully before he outgrows the crib.