Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello 2013!
So, back to DC and regularly scheduled programming. But fun has been had, both in DC and Atlanta this holiday season, mostly of the low key variety.

Christmas dress I made for Rebecca - Oliver + S Fairy Tale dress.  This was Christmas masterpiece #1.  I should have taken more photos, and just barely got this one on the way out the door at Marti's Christmas Eve - she had to take off her coat!  It's fully lined in the red fabric, has an invisible zipper, and has a huge sash and bow on the back.  If (when?) I make this again, I think I might make it a separate sash that goes all the way around.

Wonder Woman was in my stocking, hanging out with Mom's nutcracker and smoker selection.  I brought home her Christmas stuff she bought in Alexandria during her visit in October - we found a shop that sells all the Christmas stuff she collects - German ornaments, nutcrackers, smokers, Christopher Radko, etc.  I thought she was going to either have a heart attack or move in.  The Christmas Attic, if you ever need to know.

Melissa's Christmas present, finally finished.  I gave her the quilt top for Christmas two years ago.  It took me that look to get the courage to just go for it with the basting and quilting and I finished the quilting on Christmas Eve, and then thanks to a few Haven marathons with Mom, I finished hand sewing the binding before I left.  Why so long?  It's queen sized, shown here on Daniel's double bed.  I don't think it's big enough for their bed, but it's plenty big for Melissa to curl up in.  The back is cream colored muslin.

Speaking of Haven, I suggested watching season one, which I brought with me, in the Christmas Day lull between opening presents and the arrival of Melissa's family in the late afternoon.  I totally got Mom hooked!  We watched our way through season one and then had to go buy season two and watched that.  Since then, she's watched all of season three that's available on demand, and waiting eagerly for the season finale!  I love it when I convert someone to a good show.  We went to see only one movie this year - mom and I had talked about going to see Argo, and Daddy, Daniel, and a friend of his ended up coming too.  It was really good, and interesting to see what Mom and Daddy remembered of the events.  Daddy and I watched The Bourne Legacy my last night, which I loved and I think he enjoyed.  Lots of "is that the same guy?"  "who was that guy?" 

The Scotties got together the Saturday between Christmas and New Year's, partly to see the Bayhams off as they move to Cleveland.  This is Peter wearing a sweater I knit him.

I'm thinking about turning this into an Advent calendar.  Does it obviously look like a Christmas tree to you?