Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello Again!

It's a really bad sign when you can't remember the name of your blog.  I don't really have any pictures, but this weekend I:
  • visited with baby Peter (and his parents and grandma)
  • finished Catching Fire and started Mockingjay
  • sewed a nursing cover for Ami
  • knit Peter a preemie sized hat
  • finished my cross-stitch sampler
  • sewed a dress for MG
  • went on an epic errand run with Zeek that took us to CVS, Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Trader Joe's
  • read a book in less than 24 hours (not Mockingjay)
  • baked cheesy biscuits for Easter dinner
  • was too sick (stupid allergies) to make it to Easter Mass :(
  • made chicken enchiladas
  •  probably lots of other stuff
I hope the Hoopers had a great Easter weekend!

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