Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Update

Hmm, maybe I did more this weekend than I thought. I attempted to baste a quilt at work only to discover my backing was too small. I had dinner with Ami at Good Stuff and we went to Ikea. I bought your stuff and my new post-earthquake bookcase. Saturday I had my eyebrow appointment, ran some errands, and tried to decapitate myself with my car door (fun bruise on my neck just under my jaw). You know about my trip to Goodwill. I wore the dress I bought for myself today. Sunday I went to book club and we discussed Brideshead Revisited. And I made Christmas stockings for your kids. They are almost finished. And I watched Pan Am last night. I think I liked it.
Sunset Friday night
Jane's quilt, ready to be basted.  But whoops, top is bigger than the back and batting.
3 of the 4 stockings.  Waiting for their personalization.

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