Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day weekend sewing and fun

It was crazy hot this weekend, so I chose to stay inside for the most part. I watched many, many movies and did some sewing. I made a dress for Rebecca (identical to one I made for Shannon earlier this year) and two size 5 tops (the largest size that pattern came in). The tops are loose - they may fit Shannon as well as MG, but not sure about Rebecca.
Sunday I had a couple house guests - Zeek was doing some painting, so Ami and Peter took refuge with me and we watched some Harry Potter. I went over to their place on Monday. Zeek grilled, but I stayed in the AC with Ami and Peter and others. I made snickerdoodles and a couscous vegetable thing that was only partly made up. It turned out very yummy! I've been doing tons of sewing lately, and the girls will all have plenty of new clothes! Too bad I don't have as much boy friendly fabric to use up!

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  1. Shannon love love loves the flowered dress - its perfect with leggings and a cardigan at church.