Friday, December 2, 2011

Good, Bad, In Between

That's what yesterday was, the good, bad and in between. Work was ok - a little crazy because we're so close to our conference next week. And I finally bought my train ticket. I'm going to have some free time in NY - must figure out what to do, maybe wander around and look at holiday decorations. We had tickets to Much Ado About Nothing as part of our Shakespeare Theater subscription, so there was dinner at Austin Grill and the play - that was good. It was a fun version of the play, set in Cuba, very vibrant. The bad was that it had an 8pm showtime, so it was very late when I finally got home. Then the zipper on my skirt broke and I had to cut it off me. Bad, although the skirt was old and getting worn out, and had been free. But still sad. Then I had weird dreams about being sick and setting up conference calls. Then the construction workers started up at 7am and I couldn't sleep through all the beep beep beeping. Which kind of looks like I'm beeping out curse words, but that's what it actually was. Stupid backing up beeps. There were no actual curse words, but there could have, if I rolled that way. Here, hopefully, are photos I took this morning of the construction. Pardon the glare/reflection. It's very sunny in the morning.

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