Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ben & Victoria's Wedding

So, let's catch up.  There's this thing where you post every day in November.  I clearly didn't do that.  I wonder if I can post every day in December.  Probably not, with all the travel, etc.  But let's catch up on what's been going on.  At the end of October I made a quick weekend trip to Atlanta for Ben and Victoria's wedding.  I flew in Thursday night, attended the rehearsal dinner Friday night and the wedding on Saturday, then had lunch with Alexa on Sunday and flew home.  I'm still getting used to my new camera and it did not seem to like the indoors much, so my photos aren't so great.  I think that's one reason I haven't posted about the wedding.  It was frustrating, so I didn't take so many.  So I have none of say, Larry and Gillian even though I was at the table with them.  And I have no pictures of me.  You'll just have to take my word that I was there!  But by now you will have seen the much better pictures on Victoria's Facebook page, so let's see what I've got.
Victoria with Carolyn, Elizabeth, and Stephanie
 Marti and Daddy
 Blurry girlies
 Getting started - this is the sweet spot for my camera, apparently.  As long as they stand in this spot, we're good.

 I have more pictures of Melissa from the reception, but all of them are looking down her dress.  I thought she might find that less than flattering so I haven't posted them anywhere.
 Carolyn and Nate
 Rebecca, Nate, and Patty
 Pete and Rebecca
 Kat and Patrick
 Blurry newlywed dancing.  Let's just call it impressionist, shall we?
 More Patrick and Kat
 Dancing cousins
 Daniel and Carolyn
 Carolyn caught the bouquet
 Home again, home again!

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