Monday, October 24, 2011

Monterey: Day Two, Point Lobos

On my second full day in California, we visit Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, not far from Catherine's house.  We parked outside and walked in, so our visit was free.  The kids did a great job with all the walking, but there was so much to see we did do a lot of stopping and oohing and awwing.  And I apologize ahead of time, there are going to be lots of photos.  It was so beautiful and I had a hard time narrowing them down.  Plus this kids are so cute.

On our way into the park

 Shannon taking pictures with her mom's camera.  I think she stopped more than I did - I had to warn her about using up the battery.  It should be interesting to see what she captured.

 Catherine and all her kiddos

 MG is the billy goat - she loves to climb and hop from rock to rock

 Sisters taking a break

 Connor checks out the view

 Climbing trees by the Whaler's Cabin

 View from the top of the point.

 In this series, the kids imitate some nearby loitering teenagers.  They chanted "we are teenagers" and got their poses and attitudes pretty well.  My video didn't work, but maybe Catherine will show hers.
After hike relaxing with a show.

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