Saturday, August 27, 2011

More in Big Sur

We can't keep away - even considering the bizarre combination of awe and nausea I feel every time we've driven down CA-1 to Big Sur. Recently we visited the second Big Sur park on our list to see - Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. After stopping for admittedly excellent Americanos but frighteningly overpriced muffins at Big Sur Bakery ($3.75 for a muffin people? Really? But you parents know, once you've told a child you're going to get something, no amount of frugality can overcome their pitiful faces), we walked through what looked like a can in the ground:

to see this:

The path here wasn't quite as scary as it was at Point Lobos - there is railing at least - but we still spent the whole walk overlooking the famous waterfall into the Pacific barking at the children to hold our hands. It seems that I have inherited my mother's fear of heights  - or really  not so much of heights as of my children hurling themselves off of cliffs (remember taking us to lighthouses mom?)

I do think the view was worth it though. 

"Smile normal, mg! Oh, well okay..." 

The waterfall here used to fall directly into the Pacific, but after a landslide a few years ago, the water now hits a sandbar.

Looking the other direction up the coastline.

Worn out children!

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