Monday, August 1, 2011

London, the Beginning

Ah, the London trip. Most of the photos are still on my camera and Mom's (I broke mine at Westminster Abbey, but should be able to get the photos trapped within) but here is the beginning of our tale.
We flew to London last Saturday night, arriving mid-day in London.
Daniel waiting in line for security at Hartsfield (practicing his patented I-do-not-smile look - you will see more of this). Here's our plane, waiting to take us to London!
I took a few pictures of Patrick sleeping on the plane (he was across the aisle from me) but he wasn't too thrilled about that, so I'll just keep those to myself. I didn't get a picture of his funniest get up - he had on his travel pillow with the Delta blanket over his head like a cape at one point. I watched Cedar Rapids, which was funny but clearly highly edited.This is the view from our hotel, the Mint Westminster. When we arrived at Heathrow, after we went through Customs and picked up our luggage, Make-a-Wish had arranged for a car to take us to the hotel, which was very helpful. We waited about an hour for our rooms to be ready and then I took a much appreciated shower. Then we set out to walk around.This is the Victoria Tower and the Houses of Parliament from Victoria Tower Gardens. Look at that beautiful blue sky! We had amazing weather while we were there. It never rained, though some days were overcast and not so sunny. The high was generally in the high 60s/low 70s, with one day hitting 78. So wonderful after our 100+ days. We were low on energy, but we did make it to the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum. I had seen this when I was in London back in 1997, and I knew Mom and Dad would love it. The Churchill Museum was new, and we all enjoyed it. They literally had to throw us out (and I mean literally - I think they locked the door behind us).
Daniel outside the Churchill War Rooms. That's St. James Park in the background.

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