Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

I hope the Hoopers had a great Fourth of July! I had a productive weekend, and worked on a special birthday quilt, but no pictures yet. I also did fun things like buy windshield wiper blades and have a Harry Potter movie marathon (I've almost finished Order of the Phoenix - I was going to watch the end last night after I got home from the fireworks on the Mall, but I decided I wasn't in the mood to watch Sirius die, so I watched the encore of the Capitol Fourth broadcast instead). On the Fourth, I went over to Ami and Zeek's for a yummy dinner and brought my flag cake. I have been wanting to make one for a while and I finally did. Ami joked that they hosted the get together as a vehicle for me to make cake. I think I did ask her, "What are you doing for Fourth of July, I want to make flag cake!"

After we ate, we played bocce ball on the side yard, and then walked down toward the Mall. We found a spot on the steps of the Library of Congress Jefferson building where we could see over the trees. It was a great vantage point with a nice breeze, but sadly there was a bit of smoke between us and the Washington Monument so sometimes the fireworks were obscured. Still a great view!

As I said, I watched a bit of the Capitol Fourth once I was home again, and then tried to sleep. But our neighborhood is a big fan of fireworks, and they were setting them off until later into the night in the alley behind my building, so sleep was elusive. What did you do in California?

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